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X-Bikes can offer a wide range of services for your motorcycle. Please click each title for a better description of each service.

  • Race/track bike preparation
  • Engine rebuilding / refreshing
  • Engine tuning
  • Suspension set-up
  • Dyno set-up, injection and carburettors
  • General servicing
  • Fault diagnosis
  • One-off engineering solutions

Race/track bike preparation

Track day bikes and fully fledged race bikes are used at the most extreme end of their design parameters. Safety is the number one priority for bikes used on the track as not only does a badly prepared bike pose a danger to the rider but also to other riders around them. Good preparation using the correct components and an experienced race technician will ensure that your bike is not only safe but also performing at its best for you.

We have seen numerous badly prepared track day bikes that people don’t seem too bothered about as they are ‘only’ a track day bike and not a race bike. This is simply not true; even a novice rider will attain speeds in excess of 100mph and the consequences of any type of mechanical failure often don’t bear thinking about.

Having your bike correctly built by professionals allows you to have the very best bike set-up to give you the maximum enjoyment. Good preparation not only means using the right parts but also assembling them correctly. The smallest things can make the biggest difference in both racing and track day riding – at X-Bikes we pride ourselves on including attention to detail, not to mention respect for both you and your machine in the price.

Engine rebuilding/refreshing

Most modern high performance engines require a degree of preventative maintenance in order for them to stay at their peak. This is generally regular oil changes and a refresh. The frequency of a refresh is usually dependant upon the level of tuning done to the engine.

Engines that usually require refreshing are single cylinder engines from supermotards whether they are road or race based and race tuned engines. A refresh will consist of stripping the engine and inspecting it for wear and tear of all the major components and replacing where it is deemed necessary.

Engines that let go on a track are usually ones that never receive this type of care and have been left to deteriorate resulting a much more expensive repair bill than if the engine had been refreshed half way through it’s season/life.

At X-bikes any engine that we tune will be “lifed” this means that we will inform you of the amount of hours that it can be used before it will need a refresh, the higher the state of tune then the shorter the “life”. E.g. our KTM 450 engines were “lifed” at 30 hours. This didn’t mean that at 30 hours they would give up and destroy themselves but rather they would probably be losing power and in need of a look to bring them back up to spec. On these engines this work was at least a third of the price of repairing an engine that had gone bang.

This care and attention is shown to any engine even if it is only being stripped for other type of mechanical work, we fully strip, wash and clean the engine before inspection. In most cases and engine will need cleaning more than once, all oil ways are blown out and inspected for debris before the engine is carefully rebuilt in a clean environment.

Engine tuning

At X-Bikes we can cater to your particular tuning requirements whether it be for a full blown superbike, supersport or supermotard engine or just a mild road tune. We will discuss the various options available to you and not just opt for the most expensive route.

What ever the engine needs we can either do it here or get it done by a specialist that we trust.

We can get cylinders replated and bored out if required.

We do all our own head work in house and valve seat recutting.

Dialling in cams and slotting cam wheels were possible to allow this (in house)

Compression ratio checking and setting.

Cranks, pistons and rods balanced and lightened.

Suspension set up

Suspension is one of those areas that many overlook or put down to black magic. We have often heard “I’m not fast enough to benefit from suspension” or “I’m not confident enough to push a bike to its limits”…….this is utter rubbish in our opinion.

Confidence comes from trust and trust comes from having a bike that you know is going to go where you put it and THAT comes from good suspension and finding out what is doing what it is supposed to do. As the rider you don’t need to know what to adjust to make it work only what the bike is doing, tell us and we’ll work with you to find a good setting that will allow you to push harder and find more enjoyment and confidence in your bike be it on the track or on the road.

Dyno set up

Dyno set up has been the main business at X-Bikes for over 10 years now. With thousands of bikes through our doors we really do know what we are talking about when it comes to fuelling. We learnt the hard way back in the days of carbs and have transferred this knowledge through to injection systems which I think gives us a more knowledgeable position with which to set your bike up.

Again we often see people quoting “I’ve downloaded a map for my bike from the internet” well congratulations but it’s not for “your” bike but instead for one similar. Bikes like people are all different and no two run exactly the same (see graph linked for example of differences).

To us there is only one answer, custom mapping to suit your bike and its needs. After spending x amount of thousands of pounds on a bike and then a few hundred more on exhausts is it really worth not making sure it runs perfectly?

At X-Bikes we’re not all about peak BHP, whilst it is a nice consequence of correct fuelling it is not our sole aim. We go for best all round ridability even if that means sacrificing a few bhp at peak rpm. By doing this you the rider will have the smoothest and faster accelerating bike than the guy who focused on those few bhp, it wins pub arguments but not races.

For inline four engines we offer custom mapping of one map for all four cylinders and for V-twins we offer split maps where each cylinder is mapped separately (there need to be lambda bungs fitted to the exhaust headers to make this possible) a V-Twin by it’s nature will have differing temperatures for the front and rear cylinder and as such will have different fuel requirements, by mapping separately each cylinder will be getting perfect fuelling and not a compromise of each cylinders needs. This information is based upon using a dynojet power commander, for using standalone ECU’s then set up is specific to what the ECU will support.

As well as injection we can also, where software allows it, map your ignition to maximise power. Many modern engines are good at peak power but don’t make as much through the lower rpm and mid range as they could, generally this is down to soft ignition timing in these areas. With the ignition remapped all these areas and the overall drive of the bike will be massively improved.

General servicing

At X-bikes as well as offering various tuning and preparation services we do still happily undertake regular service work and bike maintenance. In fact we feel we can offer a better service due to the nature of our higher end level work and thoroughly service your bike and advise you on any and all aspects of areas that might need attention.

Whether it be pre MOT inspection or a seasonal brake service